Steve Jobs…..

Steve Jobs siempre ha sido y siempre será una de ls figuras más destacadas en el mundo de informática y la cultura pop. Él se conocoe como el creador de Apple. Estas máquinas siempre se han conocido como perfectas en estética y diseño. Además de ser fáciles de usar y eficientes, han sido ejemplares en la innovación tecnológica. El diseño de Steve Jobs ha evolucionado con el tiempo, pero se ha mantenido fiel a su misión.

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Biography: Steve Jobs


We ALL LOVE coffee! (Well, some of us more than others) But for all you coffee lovers out there, I have some tips!

(Picture taken by me)

1. THE BIGGER THE CUP…: When you order coffee, remember that the size of the cup doesn’t mean more coffee, it actually means more milk. The coffee shot is the same amount for all the cups, the only diference is that the bigger the cup the more milk you are adding to uour coffee shot. If you would like more coffee, try ordering a double shot.

2. GREAT COFFEE….: The best coffee around is the one that you are able to drink without sugar. Try it! Great quality coffee doesnt need sugar. It might get a little getting used to at first, but afterwards you will be able to tell the difference between average coffee and excellent coffee.

3. STYLE….: Latte? Machiatto? Capuccino? What do al these fancy terms mean? Heres how it goes: Latte: shot of espresso and milk, Capuccino: shot of espresso, milk, and foam, Machiatto: a shot of espresso with foam, Americano: shot of espresso and water, Mocha: shot of espresso, milk and chocolate, Ristretto: a shot of espresso reduced to half of its extraction time.

4. SUGAR……: If you like to add sugar to your coffee, ask your barista if they can pour it before hand, that way, they sugar dissolves even faster and it is ready to drink when its is given to you, plus: you wont feel bad about ruining the latte art!

5. CUP OR MUG?……: If you have the chance, drink the coffee in a ceramic mug. It tastes better than if it were in a foam or paper cup. Trust me. You will feel cool too.

Hope these tips were useful! Leave a comment if you have any other tip you would like to share!

Let’s talk about pizza……

Pizza is the most famous food ever. E V E R. Some people are even tired of it. I’m not, fortunately. But sometimes its hard to find good pizza. If im gonna take in that amount of calories it better be worth it, right? There is a saying that goes: “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.” Well im actually doing my own pizza write now. As I type. I’m not doing the dough though, that is waayyyyyy too much work. Been there, done that. (It actually tasted amazing though) But real talk, what do you think about pizza? Recommend me a place. Anywhere. Comment below your favorite pizza place! Or recommend me and unusual but tasty topping! Have fun!

(pictures was taken by me)

A food trip!

One of the most famous cities of all time is known for being filled with a diverse cultural food industry. Its NEW YORK CITY! My favorite city ever. Here is an ideal trip!

A cool place to visit is Max Brenner’s. Its all about chocolate, my favorite.

Another good place to visit is Carmine’s. It is an Italian restaurant with HUGE pasta portions, ideal for family shraing.

The great thing about this trip is just stumbling upon food joints that will probably be amazing!

¡Saludos! Yo también tengo hambre.

Hola, soy Paola, estudiante del curso de Informática de la Universidad de Sagrado Corazón y les do una muy cordial bienvenida a mi blog de comida. Si quieres tratar algo nuevo, pero sin complicarte o deseas comer afuera, pero quisieras experimentar con un sitio nuevo, este blog te facilitará la vida y acabará con tu hambre. Por este medio estaré compartiendo recetas fáciles y prácticas de todo tipo, experiencias con restaurantes platos nuevos y creativos.

Welcome to FunFoods!!!